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Elaboration by Ntoin Didiot
Translated by A. Abadzhiev

The meditative noiseproducer consists of a planket measuring a male spam to a thenar, including the thumb – i.e. – a palm. In the upper part is centered an opening with the dimensions of a brass wedding ring, batch production. Without the planket the noiseproducer does not generate the requisite sound, and in substance appears inherently wrong and useless.

In accordance to the relatively easy moving of this plane panel through the aperture is pierced the slender part of the fixing handle, which part in size and image closely represents the middle finger of the ideal or psychical hand viewed by the science of chiromancy. A very similar drawing of this namely finger can be found out in the book “Palmistry”, a photo copy of which is released in September 1990 by Satellite 55, Rousse. The author of the literary work, the same to have drawn the sketch, is named Shicskal; on the genuine cover he put his signature down left on a pedestal at acute angle of thirty five degrees, thinning in depth that allowed him to slip in two orthographic errors.

Reasoning the hand is ideal the middle finger may be replaced by a forefinger or the fourth finger for their severe likeness that tends to identity. Substitution of fingers renders slight yet staunch effect over the process of meditation.

The handle itself is manufactured of non-heavy material with a preference of a drift-wood which turns out in lightness and stability, and possesses natural asperities; ruggedness ministers the holding hand and the handle to carry into effect the maximum of the rubbing process.

According to Physics the maximum of rubbing is achieved when onto the handle is applied cohesion that leads to steady stand. In Physics’ opinion the vastest rubbing is attained by the least friction or by the lack of any movement. For instance: at the stop of movement of the, daresay, universe – neither an atom moves, nor a planet, nor a galaxy – nothing moves for an hour, in accordance to science we observe a period of sixty minutes one hundred per cent of rub.

These namely statements of science cause the necessity of falling into deep meditation.

Another major part of the noiseproducer is presented by the restrictive stop. The stop is no longer than one foot and by all means is an oblong cavity. The front of the cavity is used to insert the slender part of the fixing handle; the rear ends in limited number of convexities rather rounded than sharp at the ghost of a chance. Thus, having under hand the major manufactured parts we consider the noiseproducer roughly accomplished.

The effective noise is reproduced with the help of a hammer, engineered from a much thicker timber material. The manna-ash timber provides satisfactory results as sonority, correctly transferred oscillation, endurance, etceteras. Sprouting inner needs of chord section applied to the head of the knocker the ash tree appears unbeseeming as timber of extreme tenacity.

Quite operative is the replacement of the upper mentioned material with acacia tree, which once having been cut provides but a chord section, due to its natural ligneous torsion.
Should the need arise a common locust will do.
However, locust needs premeditated suspension of thorns, presumable to distract attention from the essence of meditation.

The common practice is to prepare two knockers – one of an elegant handle and a massive short pestle; this is the basic option for beginners. And another one of a massive handle and elegant pestle for advanced. The hammer of a very thin handle and a stout, heavy oblong head that freely passes close by, to say, the right temporal bone in unspecified speed and acceleration is recommended to only be used after surviving the first two stages.

What is the main way to put the noiseproducer to practice?
Follow the steps.

Put the slender part of the fixer trough the opening having a tight hold of the handle.
Pull the stop on the already put trough part of the fixer.
Keeping hold on the handle place the convexities onto the mid-eyebrow a way the planket hangs freely down.
Start delivering knocks onto the planket: frequent, strong, rhythmical, and unequable or following certain tact until you gain sound adequate to your personal perception.
Exercise in a period of two to five multiplied by sixty minutes.
The bulged end of the transmitter could be also fixed onto the temple, the ear shell, the knee-cap or the genitals.

The meditative effect is severely and pointedly personal, and thus – out of systemizing and classifying. It also works against toothache, bad spells, guests, and for coping with science and solution of most common problems of living, related to thinking, anxiety and funds.

Consulting a GP before, after and during the time of the process is strongly counter-indicated.

In its rough verse the meditative noiseproducer was engineered by Shrimad Bhaktisahshri and legalized sporadically in September 2006 under force-major circumstances.

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