Всичко за мен

неделя, 24 май 2009 г.

Ivan Vazov School Varna

I would like to inform all the readers who do not speak&read Bulgarian that today is The Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture - the day of the saints Cyril and Methodius who are Bulgarians.

If you are still unaware of these saints I present you a simple example: You legally read The Holy Bible in English namely due to these Bulgarian brothers. Bearing in mind that the computer was invented by Bulgarian - Jonh Atanassov, as well as the first plane bombing was done by Bulgarians - no wonder why Miss Utah is Bulgarian too!
A step aside from these facts I proudly present the students and teachers from Ivan Vasov School in Varna, where I teach English.
And, daresay: "It's all Greek to me" is a good and vivid expression!

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