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петък, 1 май 2009 г.

14. Have you finished yet? Okey. You are not the same guy any longer.

13. This is the accomplished product sheathed. You can buy a similar one at the average price of $ 150.00 in Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Troyan or a bit more expensive in the guns and blades shops.

12. The local saddler will make you a proper sheath for the amount of 10 BGN, which is the expensive part.

You can try and make it from old shoes, a piece of a hose or a flattened metal pipe, or out of all the mentioned materials combined together.

11. Here is the babe.

10. Find a cheap metal badge with an image to fit the top part of the handle. Parts of medalions and bracelettes might work. Do not forget - you have got to like the image unless you must go mad in a second with an eye of manipulating with the very same knife.

9. Drill a hole through the horn handle. The inside of the deer horn is soft but do not use a cork screw driver. Borrow a drill from your neighbor. First you must fix the drill (step on it). Do not fix the horn first. Use a drill of a smaller size, then of a larger one.

Put inside the hole some glue. Chinese is good but almost any glue will work. Place the thinner part in by knocking.

8. This is the gentle polish. The hardest part. Use your imagination and a lot of toothpaste. Keep in mind that a zen monk cut a solid iron rod with just a horse tail's hair.

7. Put the piece into the severest fire you can find. A gas burner will work. Any gas stove will work, just neglect preparation of hard boiled eggs and place the steel onto the burner. Use some wire to hold it if you haven't got a wrench or a similar device. The thing gets red in two minutes.

Put it in a bucket of water and place it aside to cool. It is a very hardened piece of steel now.


6. Sharpen the piece of steel. Most round stones are good for the purpose. Match that the material is still raw, that means - mild, as mild as a piece of iron could be.

5. Make cuts in the round pieces and put the thinner side through.

4. These are roughly cut pieces of metal and horn or plastic of another color. Anything in your Big Little village can be put in use.

Do not run after a goat or a buffalo with a chainsaw. First make another two or three tries to supply yourself with the stuff in some easier way.

3. The pieces must match somewhat like that.

2. Find a piece of deer horn of 10 cm. Buy some

from the junk shop or saw it off a souvenir.

1. Form roughly a piece of steel. This one is KW80 of Swedish steel with an average length of 20 cm.

Master Nickolaus Blady - Kaytzun
manufactures a perfect knife in 14 steps.
You can dump The Discovery Channel
for quite a while.

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