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сряда, 12 август 2009 г.

From this very point Mr Essan Dragone started climbing an unknown number of stairs to reach back civilization at 40C. At the top he said in the prompt manner Henry Stanley spoke to Dr Livingston, "495 steps - sharp. Thank you for the beach."

Ladies and gentlemen, I admit I did some research work which took a while. I inteviewed folks and natives, one architect, several experienced builders and a jailbird who took part in the consrtruction of the stairs. Their evidence proved a number of 500 to 505. Bearing in mind that the stairs haven't been maintained for the last 30 years (some of them cracked, disappeared or went under the sand) I came to the conclusion that Mr Dragone did count the steps whilst climbing!! and is to be considered a true discoverer of the stairs on Cape Galata, Black Sea, Bulgaria.

Hats off, ladies and gentlemen! Press your right arm to your heart. Bending is desirable.

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  1. I did indeed count those steps! I didn't know when I started that I'd count all the way to the top, but since everyone was too hot & tired & sunburnt to do any conversing, I just kept counting.

    Thank you, Anton, & I strongly recommend that beach to anyone wanting something away from Varna's dirty crowded ones. There's old ships off the harbor & topless hippies.


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